Social media addiction guru

Addicted to Facebook? Can’t leave your bed before checking Twitter?  Lost without likes?

This could be the show for you. (Whisper it: you may have a social media addiction.) London-based Irish consultant Seamus O’Healey shares some, er, novel thoughts about how to cope. He also name-drops some celebrity clients.

Adrian takes you to the heart of high-class healthcare in the West End, Harley Street, where Seamus practises, and along the way shares a Beatles story centring on an adjacent street.

Celebrity references may be figments of Seamus’s imagination.

Photo (at Seamus O'Healey models some media-friendly specs
Photo (at Seamus O’Healey models some media-friendly specs

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3 thoughts on “Social media addiction guru”

  1. Trump tweeting is great cause he texts real words and his meaning!! Stop being bias though…I just found u..n I m a trumper so try to stay neutral….beatle story was awesome since love Paul….was that guy a doctor..??? I m barely learning all this tech…n Im already addicted!! Gosh…your podcast was like taking a walk with you and using a water gun once in awhile to keep u on track!! Lol your accents though..!!!gem

    1. Thanks very much for your kind remarks, Gem – excuse the delay getting back. Re Mr Asher Senior, I try to answer your question in Mrs Pepys’ Diary of 27/09/17 –
      Regarding alleged bias, I had no idea you Trump supporters were so sensitive! 😉 But at least we have the Beatles in common.

      Keep listening and best wishes – Adrian

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