Rock Legend: Norman Castle

Spoof rock’n’roll documentary starring Russell Thomas with guest appearances by Kim Cattrall and Gavin Alexander. From the pop high of Sugar ‘n’ Spice to the breathtaking ambition of rock opera The Tanktop Mikado, Norman Castle – former frontman of the Broadwicks – occupies a unique place in British musical life.

This profile hears how he got into the business due to a misunderstanding and how his foray into rap was electrifying… almost literally.

You’ll also hear from former Broadwicks bassist Peggy Babcock on touring with the boys, plus lead guitarist Neville Rice on Prince and plumbing.

Broadwicks bassist Peggy Babcock (right) with personal assistant
Photos (at Broadwicks bassist Peggy Babcock (Kim Cattrall) with personal assistant
Guitarist Neville Rice models NHS designer headgear
Guitarist Neville Rice (Gavin Alexander) models NHS designer headgear
Norman Castle as he likes to think others see him
Norman Castle (Russell Thomas) as he likes to think others see him

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Main theme: Super Bubbly by Jesse Spillane (edited for timing)

NotDrunk-stem-bass by the Joy Drops (short excerpt)

A Man Approaches with Bowed Sitar, Rishikesh by Samuel Corwin (mixed with spoken word)

used with thanks under the Creative Commons CC BY licence

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