A Modern Mona Lisa?

A hint of laughter in the eyes. An enigmatic smile. A mystery woman.

This show is dedicated to a painting in Adrian’s hall. It’s by his father and it’s a monochrome watercolour of a woman. But who is she?

That’s where you come in. In this interactive age, if you have any steers as to her identity, do get in touch.

Photo (at Londonpodcast.net): Mystery Woman by Derek Lacey
Photo (at Londonpodcast.net): Mystery Woman by Derek Lacey [watercolour on paper]
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Produced and presented by Adrian Lacey ©2018

Twitter: @AdrianLacey01

Email your reaction & suggestions regarding the identity of the woman in the painting: London@adrianlacey.com

Facebook: @theLondonPodcast

Main theme: Super Bubbly by Jesse Spillane (edited for timing)

Incidental music: What Have You Done by Lee Rosevere

Music used, mixed with speech, with thanks under the Creative Commons CC BY licence

Picture framed by francis-iles.com

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