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The Drama Commissioner: Tobias L. Watt

Spoof documentary. Creator of hit NetBox TV series Uptown Abbey, Tobias L. Watt is in a league of his own. Find out why he’s in this lonely position!

The podcast provides unique behind-the-scenes access to Tobias’s rehearsals, plus excerpts of some of his shows.

Starring Russell Thomas as Tobias, and Keith Dunphy and Sarah Kempton as actors Mike Power and Karen Wright. All other characters are played by Keith and Sarah.

Photo of Sarah with her beautiful curls up looking to camera
Portrait of Sarah Kempton by Michael Shelford
Photo (at Londonpodcast.net) Keith Dunphy
Photo (at Londonpodcast.net) Keith Dunphy/Adam Hills at MUG Photography
Tobias L. Watt wearing a brimmed hat and florid scarf
Photo (at Londonpodcast.net) Tobias L. Watt (Russell Thomas) in an off-guard moment

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Main theme: Super Bubbly by Jesse Spillane (edited for timing)

Incidental music:

… from Barney’s Barnacles: His Last Share Of The Stars by Doctor Turtle

… from Uptown Abbey series one: Denouement by Kai Engel

… in Tobias interview: What Have You Done by Lee Rosevere

Music used, mixed with speech, with thanks under the Creative Commons CC BY licence