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Apollo 50 & Lunar London

In this oblique angle on the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon in the Apollo 11 mission, presenter Adrian Lacey talks to Ron Burkey. He’s made it his mission to reconstitute the computer code that got humans to the moon, in order for you to be able to reproduce some of that experience on your own computer!

You’ll also hear how Adrian met the second man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, in London, as well as the story of a hairy happening in the same BBC building while the lunar module came into land. Quite literally far out, man!

Ron Burkey
Photo (at Londonpodcast.net): Ron Burkey at home in Dallas

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‘I Interview Myself’

If talking to yourself is a concern, interviewing yourself is deeply worrying! Here, Adrian opens up – to himself – about how he was drawn to radio, as well as sun and clouds in family life on the outskirts of London. Plus, he’s guilty of industrial quantities of namedropping over his radio hero, Kenny Everett, with whom he worked at BBC Television Centre in west London.

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Photo (at Londonpodcast.net) Adrian reflects on his life in audio
Photo (at Londonpodcast.net) Adrian reflects on his life in audio

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George Michael: Greek Londoner Bearing Gifts

George Michael,¬†singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer died on Christmas Day 2016. Here Adrian reflects on¬†Michael’s¬†work and their shared London roots, together with a couple of occasions when their paths crossed.

From his odd-jobbing in Watford to his stadium-filling stardom, the sweep of Michael’s¬†career, and the nature of fame itself is examined in this audio essay.

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George Michael's death covered in the UK press
Photo (at Londonpodcast.net): George Michael’s death makes the front pages of the UK press

Fred Astaire & Me: Confessions of a Make-up Artist

Make-up artist to the stars, Jenny Binsted looks back on her long and illustrious largely London-based television career. From politicians¬†to pop stars, Jenny’s made the biggest names up – and has¬†anecdotes to match.

How did Lipstick on your Collar lead to sequins and glue in a strange place? How did a mechanical failure leave Jenny alone with a prime minister? And how did the encounter with Hollywood dance sensation Fred Astaire come about?

All this and more in a relaxed and entertaining conversation which is bookended on location outside the building where Jenny worked for nearly 30 years, Television Centre in west London.

Jenny Binsted and make-up kit
Jenny Binsted with tools of her trade

Adrian at Television Centre
Adrian outside Television Centre in West London