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Lockdown London: Anjana Ahuja

Deserted streets. Public transport carrying a fraction of its usual passenger payload. Theatreland a wasteland. The daily toll of death and suffering.

This is not a fictional disaster movie, but the current reality in London and for much of the world as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. Presenter Adrian Lacey speaks to FT science columnist Anjana Ahuja about how she spotted the potential significance of the coronavirus which causes Covid-19.

Adrian also shares his reflections on these strange times, finding a parallel in a Wordsworth poem. Perfect lockdown (or post-lockdown) listening.

Anjana’s FT January 8th article (paywall):

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Policing London: Leroy Logan, MBE

From the Bow Street Runners to the capital’s¬†present-day¬†police service, former superintendent Leroy Logan, MBE gives you an insider’s insight into the past and present of¬†policing in London.

The discussion covers the tragedy of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence and the success of the London 2012 Olympics via the colour and cacophony of the Notting Hill Carnival. It’s never quiet for¬†the Metropolitan Police Service. Leroy also talks movingly about his Jamaican roots and being awarded the¬†honour, Member of the British Empire.

Join Leroy on the beat, hear some views on the MPS from people in the metropolis, and clear out your ear wax with some sirens!

Former superintendent Leroy Logan, MBE
Photo: (at Leroy Logan, MBE comes out of police retirement to go on the beat