Can Your Spine Think? And other problems

The marvel that is your mind, and more mysteries of consciousness in this fun workout for your grey matter! If your brain’s like a computer, then your spine is carrying a load a of data cables to it. So does that mean it’s ‘thinking’?

Top consultant neurologist Dr Angus Nisbet addresses this and other knotty nerve-based issues with Adrian Lacey. Join both on walkabout in Bloomsbury’s Queens Square, home to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, where Angus trained in his specialism. It’s also where a pub may hold the key to King George III’s madness, and where a medical device sounds like you’re on the set of Dr Who!

This podcast includes the second part of a studio-based interview with Dr Nisbet – companion to the edition called How Do We Know We Know? Angus is currently writing on the themes explored here, with the working title The Treble Soul: the Three Mysteries of Human Consciousness.

Angus in dinner jacket with bow tie, smiling to camera
Photo (at Dr Angus Nisbet (Nuffield Health)

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