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Pilot of the Nightwaves: Dotun Adebayo

Nigerian Londoner and broadcaster Dotun Adebayo is an overnight success. Night after night! He’s cornered the market in nocturnal radio on BBC Radio 5 live and BBC Radio London for years. But can he really have learnt Swedish within weeks, or have been a child movie actor, or have lived in a London squat (or two)?

Listen and learn as Adrian Lacey teases out the facts. And what’s that saying about truth being stranger than fiction?

Dotun at the BBC in London
Dotun at the BBC in London

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Comedy Extra: Stage Rage & the Expert Witness

Imagine you’re at a comedy gig and the comedian stops performing mid-sentence to takeĀ a phone from a member of the audience… and it all ends in court. Well that happened to this show’s guest, Garry Green as a member of the audience where top TV comic Lee Hurst was starring. Garry is cross-questioned by Adrian Lacey aboutĀ that shocking incident.

This edition is a footnote to theĀ Comedy in the CapitalĀ London Podcast specialĀ starring Kevin Day.

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Lee Hurst was approached to appear in the show but didn’t get back. The door to the studio’s always open, though, Lee..!

Guest Garry Green
Photo (at Londonpodcast.net): Saint Garry at the Crown & Sceptre, Fitzrovia, London W1W. Halo model’s own