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Trump in London (& out of It)

Reflections on American president Donald Trump’s visit to the UK and how he was based in London but spent less time there than his blow-up effigy!  Along the way you’ll encounter everything from A to Zen: airborne food mixers, buddleia, parts of London inspired (or owned) by the monarch, lots of things in north west London or north west of London and a Zen Buddhist anecdote.

Another in Adrian’s occasional monologue strand, Letter from London, written by him.

Produced and presented by Adrian Lacey ©2018

Graphic of Donald Trump
Graphic (at Londonpodcast.net) Stars, stripes… and The Donald (Pixabay)

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Tanesha & the Troubled City

It’s no secret London’s been suffering an upsurge in knife crime, and suspected murder victims are often younger now. Tanesha Melbourne-Blake was shot and killed in Tottenham on April 2nd, an innocent victim of a possible gang feud. Adrian starts with her fatal shooting to illustrate the wider problem and to put it in context, in this reflective ‘Letter from London’ monologue.

Ultimately, he asks how the capital can move on to a safer future?

No guns, no knives logo
Graphic (at Londonpodcast.net) – credit: Pixabay


Produced and presented by Adrian Lacey ©2018

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Top Secret: Brexit Briefing

When a young Royston Lewis-Davidson (not his real name)  looked out over the playing fields of Eaton, he can’t have imagined his future career would come to this. Now a senior civil servant at the Department for Exiting the EU, he finds it challenging to hear some of the more ‘out there’ ideas relating to borders, cakes and fish.

From an unusual part of London’s Whitehall operation, he candidly gives his views on how the Brexit process is going.

A cartoon mole burrowing
Graphic (at Londonpodcast.net): a government mole assesses the public sector burrowing requirement

Royston Lewis-Davidson is played by Russell Thomas – Twitter: @arussthomas

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State of London: A Letter from London

London’s been taking a real hit recently. Three terror attacks in as many months, plus the horror of the Grenfell Tower fire in North Kensington. Newly re-elected Prime Minister has apologised for ‘failures of state’, but what state is London actually in? And, using the word differently,  should it actually be a state of its own?

In this second Letter from London monologue, Adrian Lacey reflects on tragedy, triumph and ‘8.6 million reasons to listen’. There are lighter moments around the M25 and Brighton & Hove. After all, London life must go on…

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The London Eye and Houses of Parliament on the Thames by night
Photo (at Londonpodcast.net): The London Eye and Houses of Parliament on the Thames by night

Pepys Plays Politics

Fed up with elections? So’s the original 17th-century London blogger, Mr Samuel Pepys. But his remedy may not be the same as yours..!

Sometime Royal Shakespeare Company actor Keith Dunphy returns as our reborn 21st-century version of the diarist who witnessed the Great Fire of London back in the day. Now his passions are aflame in a different way.

Thanks to R&R – script consultants Richard Kurti and Rich Sutton.

Music by James Taylor (Hammond organ) and Gavin Alexander (guitar).

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This show is dedicated to the memory of comedian and actor Bobby Bragg (1953-2016), who entertained thousands at London’s BBC TV Centre and beyond as a warm-up man.

Keith Dunphy as Pepys by Adam Hills at MUG Photography
Photo at Londonpodcast.net: Keith Dunphy stars as Samuel Pepys/Adam Hills at MUG Photography