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Blogger Pepys’ Old Pain

On an innocent walk in west London, our 17th-century blogger Samuel Pepys, who’s come kicking and screaming into the 21st century, revisits his younger self and his ‘old pain’.

There’s also a hint of romance in the air and mild ale references.

Samuel Pepys is played by sometime RSC actor Keith Dunphy

Picture (at Londonpodcast.net): Painting of Samuel Pepys
Picture (at Londonpodcast.net): Painting of Samuel Pepys

Keith Dunphy is represented by Jonathan Arun and Babble

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Mrs Pepys’ Diary: Great Fire, Cake…& ‘Rexit’

With 17th-century blogger Samuel Pepys adrift in the 21st century in the London Podcast, time to hear again from his wife, Elisabeth Pepys, who’s left behind. It turns out she’s a punster of her parish!

2016 is the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London, and Lizzie recalls how she watched it with her husband. She also remembers the death of the first Charles Rex (aka King Charles I).

Finally, Ms Pepys points you to a recipe or two and shows she has a social conscience.

The show is linked by producer Adrian Lacey from the Monument, the tall column which was put up in the City of London to commemorate the fire from 1671.

Mrs Pepys: Sarah Kempton; organ: James Taylor (jtq.co.uk); guitar: Gavin Alexander (gavinalexandermusic.co.uk)

Sarah is a member of Crime Scene Improvisation (crimesceneimpro.com)

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Sarah Kempton stars as Elisabeth Pepys
Photo (at Londonpodcast.net) Sarah Kempton stars as Elisabeth Pepys
Great Fire plaque & Monument
Great Fire plaque & the Monument, City of London