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Going Forward: a Brit-umentary

Tom Trident is a YouTube star with the self-help show Crowdsource. Along with sidekicks Jessica and Seamus he has millions of followers. Join him on a journey from the virtual world to the corridors of power with Beryl Bootcamp – er, sorry – Beauchamp MP.

A comedy allegory: Tom’s trident may share some teeth with Britannia!

Produced by Adrian Lacey. Programme associates: Russell Thomas, Sarah Kempton, Keith Dunphy and Scott Denyer.

No period computers have been damaged in the making of this show. Guaranteed no mentions of Brexit.

Artist's impression of Tom Trident with Noel Edmonds beard and Ronnie Corbett glasses
Photo (at Londonpodcast.net): YouTube star and visionary Tom Trident. Britannia-style pitchfork not shown

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Produced by Adrian Lacey ©2020

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Main theme: Super Bubbly by Jesse Spillane

Incidental music: Mt. Fuji by Timecrawler 82 

Music mixed with speech and edited for timing. Used with thanks under the Creative Commons CC BY licence.